TRA Social Media Marketing Presentation – Dubai – June 4th


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of running an eBiz Connect social media marketing workshop in Dubai.

The event was organized and hosted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) at their premises in Al Waheeda street.

Attendance was high and I was thoroughly impressed with the Dubai Government’s ongoing initiatives to encourage business to adopt new age brand communication strategies.

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Whitepaper: How to Convert Readers Into Paying Customers

We (Sandstorm) recently published a whitepaper entitled “Content Marketing – How to Convert Readers Into Paying Customers”

It looks at the essentials in converting website visitors into leads and sales.

The jist of it:

open_door_welcoming_salesman_800_clr_5847Content Marketing isn’t like writing sales copy or landing pages.

So how can you use it to convert users into loyal subscribers and, from there, into paying customers?

Focus on the following:

  • Craft a Magnetic Headline
  • Lead Them in With an Interesting Story
  • Touch Their Pain Points
  • Offer Solutions
  • Conclude With a Strong Call to Action

Download the free whitepaper here (need to sign up to the email list first).

Qatar’s Digital Landscape – Statistics and Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you targeting the Qatari market? This infographic from GoGulf will help shed light on this lucartive market.

It summarizes the digital landscape in Qatar including top online tasks performed by Qatatri Internet Users, Qatar E-commerce, M-commerce industry and more…


  • 85% of households in Qatar are connected via broadband (gone up by 5% from 2010) .
  • On average, households own 3 mobiles, 2 computers and 1 smartphone.

I’m starting to love these guys!

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Internet Usage Stats In Middle East [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet Usage Stats Middle East 2013

Interesting online/search/social/mobile usage stats in the MENA brought to you by GoGulf.


  • Internet users = 90 Mil. Estimated to grow to 413 Mil. by 2015.
  • Average internet penetration = 40.2% – Bahrain highest at 77%
  • 100 Million Google searches per day
  • 87% of users access internet at home
  • 34% access internet at work
  • 100 Million Google searches per day
  • 100 Million daily Youtube videos played
  • 4/10 people purchase goods online
  • B2C ecommerce sales $9 Bil 2013 – will reach 15 bilt 2015
  • 88% of popluation use social media daily and 36,000 users flock to Facebook each day
  • Smartphone penetration in Saudi and UAE highest 63% and 61% respectively.

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